Alex Bowman taking over for Dale Jr

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    Alex Bowman taking over for Dale Jr

    Hendrick Motorsports announced yesterday that Alex Bowman will pilot the #88 Chevy starting in 2018. He ran 10 races last season for the injured Dale Earnhardt Jr. Personally I'm glad to see Alex Bowman get this ride. Good to see that working hard, and biding your time, can still get you some place.

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    Beginning to wonder if the 'youth movement' in NASCAR is related to cost. Caught part of the race Sunday and Indy was empty. If you're an owner, why pay big $ to Kenseth and those guys when you can put a kid like Jones in a car and be nearly as competitive for a quarter of the salary? I think the ship has sailed on NASCAR.

    As for Bowman, hope he does well. At least we won't have to watch the first third of a race anymore, waiting for the 88 to hit the wall, before we go cut the grass.