Forum Rules (Please read this thread before posting any advertisements)

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    Forum Rules (Please read this thread before posting any advertisements)

    This forum is provided as a central place for you to post advertisements that you would otherwise place in one of the other forums. All advertising must be within the guidelines set forth below, which will be strictly enforced.

    You may advertise school/team fund raisers, coaching openings, open dates, camps, and "good causes." Within reason, you may also use this forum to sell personal items.

    However, promotion of any financial interest of yours is a rules violation. In other words, if you or a friend (or even someone you don't know) has a business, you are not allowed to mention it on the forum. Also, no links to photography sites are permitted. Also, any links to other commercial high school sports sites are not allowed. In other words, a fan site is OK, but anything that is a business is off limits. To make this part crystal clear, if your fund raiser or good cause is associated with a business you have to either post it without mentioning the business or you can't post it all. If you have any questions about what is OK to post please email me at for permission first.

    If you have any questions you can ask them in this thread. Otherwise, happy posting.