Jam On It AAU Series - Knoxville

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    Jam On It AAU Series - Knoxville

    The Jam On It series will be coming to Knoxville (TN), beginning in March.

    All events will be held at the Knoxville Convention Center in downtown Knoxville, and all games will be under one roof. Tournament hotels will be within walking distance of the convention center.

    All events will be AAU-sanctioned.

    Age groups will be 4th grade-11th grade. Teams will have the option of participating in Division I or Division II.

    Entry fee is $350 per team, and multi-team and multi-event discounts will be available. Online registration and hotel information will be available soon.

    For more information, contact Andy Rines at (865) 591-4868 or via e-mail at matrines@yahoo.com

    Events and dates are listed below:

    Spring Classic (March 24-26)
    Rocky Top Easter Challenge (April 14-15)
    Spring Fever Jam (April 21-23)
    Showtime Jam (April 28-30)